December 2012 - Dbusiness Newsletter - WOW WHAT A YEAR!

We're racing toward the end of 2012, and what a year it has been! Packed full of a diverse range of events which have kept us busier than ever before, and there is still more to come...

First a look at what we've been up to recently and we can't help but mention one of our biggest events of 2012, the Australian International 3 Day Event. This huge event attracted dressage, show jumping and cross country competitors and guests from around the world and was broadcast to an international audience of over 400 million.

Our first year being involved with the event brought many challenges but much excitement for the dbusiness team and we ultimately created a four day event to be proud of. An overwhelming success which featured an impressive 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' themed VIP marquee and a fantastic Friday night party with The Brewster Brothers, we're looking forward to seeing where we can take this event in the coming years.

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Sarah Anesbury