We partner with you and your key stakeholders to event manage a seamless, successful project whilst keeping your key objectives at the forefront.

We work with you to visualise and then plan the pathways to achieve these objectives.  

Select dbusiness events for the following benefits:

Logistical management is our strength
There is no other company better prepared to manage the logistics of this style of event under one banner. We have the experience, the organisational skills and we understand the work involved. We have worked on a wide variety of events and can add value to any event you propose. We are able to be flexible and move directions quickly when required. We have a clear understanding of the requirements of the Tour Village Manager position.

Communication is paramount
We are the conduit between your team and event suppliers and stakeholders. Clear communication is essential for getting the job done and ensuring everyone is on the same page

Personal Service does exist
We are available every step of the way. We get to know you just as you get to know us and the same team will be involved from writing this proposal to the event finale

Results are the key
Measurable outcomes are the backbone to every project. Our planning meetings and the execution of the event is all driven towards achieving these objectives and creating an event that is memorable for you and your stakeholders

Every event needs creativity and the “wow” factor
We plan events with logistics and precision for peace of mind and our energetic team inject excitement and creativity for your guest’s entertainment

Managing the event budget
There are no hidden costs. Every supplier invoice you pay direct – no mark ups


We do more.

A successful event is about logistics, creativity, safety, fun and timing – we bring it all together.


A successful event is about logistics, creativity, safety, fun and timing – we bring it all together

At dbusiness events we know that an event needs to be creative, fun, inspirational and run smoothly. But then what about all of the other components? To ensure an event is successful dbusiness events look after the safety of your guests, staff and considers the impact on the environment.

We take safety seriously and have also taken into consideration how we can minimise the impact of our events on the environment.

Our occupational health and safety policy and environmental policy is reviewed on a regular basis so that we keep up with any legislative changes and fresh ideas. We also provide the following for all of our events.

  • Risk Management Plan

  • Contractor Safety Guidelines and Checklist

  • Operations Manual

All of these documents are tailored to suit our client's needs and that of the event.

Event Consultation

Do you need a fresh set eyes to review your event?

Do you want some ideas on how to improve the logistics or processes currently in place?

Dbusiness events can provide consultation and advise on how you can either improve your event or build one from scratch.

Ideal for regional areas, associations., sporting clubs and committees where you have the volunteers to assist in running the event but not the expertise.


Our Experience

Our experience is wide and varied – from gala dinners to national conferences, sporting events and outdoor festivals


Our experience is wide and varied – from gala dinners to national conferences, sporting events and outdoor festivals

Dbusiness events has produced and managed hundreds of events both big and small and has been called back year after year, coming up with new ideas each and every time.

The extent of our involvement ranges from event or stage management on the day of the event, right through to producing and managing every step of the project.

While managing an event our clients never have to ask where the event is at because we have world class processes in place to ensure they are kept up to date. We use a myriad of communication tools that we have developed to track the progress of an event and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Just a few of the many events we've managed:

The events we manage are diverse and some of our current and past projects include:

  • Australian International Horse Trials

  • New Years Eve at Glenelg Concert

  • SACE Merit Ceremony's at Government House

  • Restaurant and Catering Awards SA Dinner

  • CheeseFest

  • REISA Auctioneer Championships

  • Ronald McDonald House Gala Dinners

  • Prostate Cancer - Bring back the Friday Lunch

  • Mary MacKillop Canonisation Adelaide

  • Julian Burton Burns Trust various events

  • Walk for Nature Nature Foundation SA

  • PIRSA Royal Visit

  • South Australian Science Awards

  • Winemakers' Federation Conferences

  • VIP Launch of the Pandas Adelaide Zoo

  • Internode various events

  • Westfield Home Food and Wine Weekend

  • International Zoos Conference

  • Datong U2 Building Launch

  • National Medical Boards Conference

  • Siemens Various Projects

  • South Road Superway Opening

  • Beaumont Tiles National Roadshow

  • Weber National Roadshow

  • Waymouth Street Party

  • Lend Lease Blakes Crossing Various activion events